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skygraphics to start its new brand “CLIMA COVER” to commence production and sales of airplane covers.

As a company which is working with technical textiles, like producing aerial billboards, it was just a consequent move to put our know-how to additional use and start a new branch. Thru our very good relationship with the market leader in the USA, Bruce’s Custom Covers, we were able to quickly come up with a collaboration agreement which allows us acces to thousands of patterns which we can use in our own factory.
The materials used have all the traits one would expect from an aircraft cover. Water repelling, yet breathable and none scratching, to name just a few. In addition an airplane cover needs to fit tight to avoid any shift, even at times with very strong winds. Hence, we offer customized cover only.
From a simple canopy cover up to full enclosure are available for 1,000+ aircraft types. We offer two different materials. One for aircrafts which are only occasionally parked outside and one for permanent out side parking. Canopy covers are available from as little as 360.00 € incl. VAT with a lead-time of about 3 weeks.

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