Willkommen bei Skygraphics Ihrem Partner fuer Luftwerbung - Your partner for Aerial Advertising

Luftwerbung Kostengünstig

Due to our liaison with the renowned manufacturer of paragliders "Swing Flugsportgeräte GmbH", we are in the position to come up with very reasonable priced banners. In addition, Microlights (or "Ultralights" as they are called in Germany) burden the operator with comparatively low operating costs.

Therefore we continuously manage, to keep the costs of production, as well as the ones for flying, especially low.

Luftwerbung ist kostengünstig - Buchen Sie Flugbanner

We're offering various versions of outdoor advertising using fixed wing- and rotary wing aircraft.

  • Full-service
    Comprehencive attendance including, but not limmited to, project planning, conception, flight managing and execution.
  • Selective-service
    On-demand assingnment according to your needs.
  • Banner
    Variaty of versions based on design and colouring.