Willkommen bei Skygraphics Ihrem Partner fuer Luftwerbung - Your partner for Aerial Advertising

Cost - effective aerial advertising

We're a "Full-Service" company. Meaning that you'll get a single, competent contact who'll take care of all steps required in order to bring your message into the air. From conceptual desing, planning and realisation of flights, to the production of aerial banners.

You, as our prospect and client, can rely on our project management for events with a given number of flying-hours, or at special locations and special times.

We can also incorporate any other form of advertising in your campaign in addition to banner towing.

offers a full range of services. For our clients, this means having a reliable contact to carry out all of the individual steps in production: design, banner production, route planning, obtaining consents and carrying out the campaign.

We have developed an innovative ground start procedure which allows us to use modern light planes to tow banners up to 150m² in size (recommended). These planes are noteworthy for their low fuel consumption and, as a result, low operating costs. We use more powerful fixed-wing aircraft or even helicopters to tow larger banners (>1.600 m²), but their operating costs are correspondingly higher.

We have built up a network of partners throughout Germany and Europe . If it's desired, we can involve them to include additional forms of advertising in your campaign.

All this allows us to offer a comprehensive service and to conduct advertising campaigns concurrently in multiple locations, without any ferry flights !. We operate throughout the year, subject to weather conditions.

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