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Note: the following section refers to the requirements in Germany . Check the situation with the relevant authorities in your own country.

The new take-off procedure is technically simple, meaning that a microlight pilot can obtain the supplementary licence to tow banners with little expenditure.

The requirements for microlight planes are also minimal: if they are already authorised to tow sail planes then the manufacturer only has to obtain a supplementary endorsement in the type certificate data sheet by a few "proving flights" - generally a straightforward procedure.

A pilot wishing to tow advertising banners must hold a Sport Pilot Licence, but does not need a Commercial Pilot Licence . In addition, he must undergo training by a microlight instructor who is authorised to tow banners, and make five banner tow flights under supervision.

Link to the technical requirements of the German Aero Club:

Three-axis microlights can be certified to tow banners as part of a "type inspection" or supplementary type inspection. Particular attention is required not to exceed the permissible limits for weight and the position of the centre of gravity during the tow. skygraphics will assist the manufacturer on request.

There is an up-to-date list of the microlight planes which have already been certified for banner towing on the German Aero Club's website:

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