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seal of approval by DULV
SKYGRAPHICS AG to receive “DULV-Gütesiegel” (seal of approval by DULV)

The „Nachrichten für Luftfahrer“ No. II 38/04 (NfL, these are “Messages for Aviators” in which rules and laws are published to become legally effective –very much like the Advisory Circulars published by the US FAA), describe the rules to tow banners. In it, the German authorities require the pilot to carry along proof that attest the conformity with quality and safety requirements defined by the DULV.

This became possible now after skygraphics received the seal of approval. Now, a cachet can be installed on the towing equipment as well as on the aerial billboards. skygraphics is the very first company which was able to provide all the evidences required by the DULV to receive such distinction.

In an interview, the CEO of skygraphics, Frank Biburger said: “As far as we know, we’re the only company as of yet, that received the legally required seal of approval. We’re particular proud that all the products we ever shipped to a customer already complied with the quality standards set forth by the DULV. Therefore our customers were able to fulfill their towing jobs with the added “peace of mind” all pilots’ love so much. We’ll continue to provide our customers with products that will meet the high standards of quality and safety.”

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