Willkommen bei Skygraphics Ihrem Partner fuer Luftwerbung - Your partner for Aerial Advertising

An new type of ground start procedure makes it possible for Echo trikes and also three-axis microlights to tow advertising banners up to 150m² in size.

The ground start saves time and cost and can be carried out by the pilot without any assistance. It makes it possible for the first time for microlights to tow banners easily and safely.

With the new take-off technique, the pilot no longer has to pick up the banner in the tow hook - a time-consuming and technically demanding manoeuvre. Instead, the pilot can take the banner, already set up for towing, directly from the hanger across the taxiway to the airstrip, and then carry out a normal take-off.

A technical innovation makes the ground start possible. Wheels are mounted on both sides of the banner tube system, so the front part of the banner runs on rollers. This counteracts the Venturi effect which would otherwise be created between the banner and the ground over which it is towed, sucking the banner downwards.

Banner towing video:: |download