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Easy to operate and very durable - Airadvertising

The banners we manufacture are single-layer-sewn, or digitally printed, depending on the kind and complexity of their design. This enables us to provide you with banners customised to your immagination.

Sewn as well as printed banners can withstand >100 flight hours (assuming proper handling per User Manual). This durability results in a strong Return of Investment !

Sewn banners are made of a durable nylon rip-stop fabric (same being used in Paragliding). They have proven themselves over the years to be THE cloth of choice.

The motifs are stitched in, like in a marquetery. So there is just one layer of fabric and it retains its transparency. This gives the colours exceptional luminosity and brilliance. Contrast and legibility are therefore excellent, making them a highly viewable in the sky.

Digital printing allows photo-realistic reproduction of any pictures, photos and graphics with colour gradients and shading.

Banners are usually between 80 and 150 m² in size. But if required, we are also able to manufacture banners >1,000 m², which is larger than a tennis court.

An additonal option is towing two smaller banners mounted on top of each other, e.g. a reusable sponsor banner together with a banner specific to a particular event.