Willkommen bei Skygraphics Ihrem Partner fuer Luftwerbung - Your partner for Aerial Advertising

Lightweight materials are a feature of the banners and towing gear - and the ease of operation of the towing unit will impress you.

This makes assembly and dismantling easier and the pilot does not need an extra person to help.

Depending on the purpose of the particular banner, we use one of two different types of fabric, which differ in their weight, durability and price. The first is a nylon rip-stop fabric which is just 44g/m² in weight, and notable for its high durability, rigidity and very low diagonal stretch. The second fabric used is heavier and less durable, which makes it particularly well-suited for shorter periods of use.
The towing gear is manufactured from high-strength thin-walled aluminium. The pipes for the banner tube system simply fit into one another, so it can be assembled in just a few minutes.