Willkommen bei Skygraphics Ihrem Partner fuer Luftwerbung - Your partner for Aerial Advertising

The fabric banners we have manufactured are single-layer, sewn, digitally printed or painted, depending on the purpose for which the banner will be used and complexity of the design. We thus offer you various possibilities for the creation of your banner.

Sewn and printed banners can be used for between 80 and 300 flight hours and this durability makes them a very good investment.

Sewn banners made from a durable nylon rip-stop fabric in particular have proved successful in practice. The motifs are stitched in, as with a patchwork, so there is one layer of fabric and it retains its transparency. This gives the colours exceptional luminosity and brilliance. Contrast and legibility are also excellent, making them a highly effective form of advertising.

Digital printing allows photo-realistic reproduction on the poster banner of complex motifs with colour gradients and shading.

Painted banners are a quick and less expensive alternative, but they are only suitable for shorter periods of use.

Banners are usually between 80 and 150 m² in size. But if required, we are also able to manufacture banners over 1,000 m², which is larger than a tennis court.

There is also the option of towing two or three smaller banners mounted one above the other, e.g. a reusable sponsor banner together with a banner specific to a particular event.