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When an aeroplane flies overhead, most people instinctively look up at the sky. Aerial advertising is eye-catching and captivating, and has something unusual and fascinating about it.
The uniqueness of aerial advertising means that it's message, has a long lasting impression on the observer.
Aerial advertising provides a powerful way to fix an advertising message or brand name in a person’s mind.

There is more information on technical aspects in the “Technical” area.

In contrast to media advertising, for example, the recipient is in a positive frame of mind when he sees it – when the weather is good, after work or during the weekend, or on holiday. Aerial advertising is therefore perceived to be something positive and carries with it a high “feel-good” factor.

What’s more, a very specific group of consumers can be targeted through aerial advertising, because it takes place in association with a particular location or event. The advertising message can also be changed according to the season. So on the whole, losses from non-selective advertising are relatively minimal.

Aerial advertising takes place in a variety of locations, such as in urban settings, trade fairs or major events. Depending on the location, between 20,000 and 100,000 people can be reached per flight hour.

The costs of banner advertising are comparatively low and it is not technically difficult to carry out. If you compare the costs involved in this type of advertising with the number of people potentially reached, it is clear that banners towed by planes are an effective, and yet, reasonably priced form of outdoor advertising.

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