Willkommen bei Skygraphics Ihrem Partner fuer Luftwerbung - Your partner for Aerial Advertising

Take to the air with skygraphics

skygraphics offers two kind of Services:

On Demand Service:  This describes a fixed amount of hours flown over a longer time period and geographical area. The decision when and where to fly rests with the pilot. He decides when to fly based on weather conditions, schedules, but also honours the customer’s wishes of course.

Projects: These are flights taking place over a closely defined area and during a dedicated time slot (i.e. along a highway to a sports event from 10:15 am until 12:20 pm). This guaranties a sustainable impact on the target group having a high receptiveness - and there will be no other competing message in the sky.

Based on our newly developed take-off-method, we can use modern Light Aircraft to tow SkyBanner and SkyPoster. These aircraft are burning substantial less fuel than older ones and are very environmental friendly.
They can tow banners of up to 150 qm (1,615 sq.ft). Larger ones with up to 1.000 qm (10,764 sq.ft) can be towed by using higher-powered aircrafts and even helicopters. However their operating costs are higher.

Anyway, a customer bares only those costs, which arouse during actual flights.